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Our Partners need a complete product portfolio and unbeatable service levels to secure and retain business from their customers. By working with 9, we can help you with all of that.

We recognise that our job at 9 is to make sure you have the best products, services and advice available from a single source, so that you can achieve your goals without having to worry about managing an array of service providers. We can also provide solutions for some of those tasks that may be distracting you from customer engagement, as well as make sure you have the tools and insight you need to compete successfully.

Why not take a look at some of the ways we can help you?

Value added services

Looking for a more capable service provider?

Do you need the tools, products and knowledge to help you to grow your business? Find out how our Value Added Services and rapid on-boarding programme can help you to focus on selling from day 1.

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Do you want to expand your product portfolio?

No need to hunt around for multiple suppliers. The complete communications portfolio is available from 9 and we will share how to create commercial propositions and all of our technical insight.

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Think outside the box

Do you want to add communications products to your portfolio?

Partners from adjacent sectors such as IT have struggled to add traditional or mobile communications and connectivity to their portfolio. With markets rapidly converging, now is the time to see how 9 can help you to thrive

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Purple partner Programme

Looking for help with marketing or commercial propositions?

9's Purple Partner Programme (PPP) has been designed specifically to deliver you even greater sales success. With access to unique information, tools, support and other resources, you can build more profitable, long-term customer relationships.

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Managed billing

Spending too much time on Billing?

Why not let our Managed Billing Service free you from the complexities of invoice production and management?   We can produce, print, pack and post your bills, or display them on line, plus arrange for DD collection in your own name.

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Virtual Office

Do you need more time to focus on selling?

9’s Virtual Office solution provides call handling and customer service in your name, plus we can take care of all your provisioning requirements to leave you free to focus on sales and growing your business.

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Partners Advice and Insight

Are you looking for news advice and commentary from our industry?

Technology and business requirements are both developing at a rapid rate. How do you know what might be relevant to you and your customers? You can keep up to speed by reading our latest news, insight and advice.

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Selling your business

Are you considering selling your business?

If the time has come to hit the golf course, or sail that yacht, then don’t be disappointed by the sums. Let the experts at 9 explain your options and how we may be able to secure a winning deal.

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engineering support

Engineering Support

Ever had to say no to a phone system installation or maintenance opportunity because you didn't have the right training, or the right people in the right place at the right time?

Our Partners have access to UK wide, fully qualified installation and maintenance engineers, with multiple vendor accreditations, who can act in your name, so you needn’t miss out on any opportunities.

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